Friday, June 29, 2007

Copa America First Round Group Matches

With the recent Chris Benoit news, I couldn't stomach writing a news article, but as the days pass by and the first round of group stage officialy finished in the Copa America... Why not?

Let's get things started off with Group A(Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela). The first match of the Copa America was an upset to say the least. Uruguay got a huge surprise as they lost to darkhorse Peru 3-0! Yup, the surprise of the tournament came 1 match into the tournament. In game 2, host Venezuela got held to a draw versus a brave Bolivia team 2-2. Here are the current standings for Group A.

1. Peru - 3 Points.
2. Venezuela - 1 Point.
3. Bolivia - 1 Point.
4. Uruguay - 0 Points.

On Saturday it'll be Bolivia vs. Uruguay and first place Peru vs. hosts Venezuela.

Thoughts: I'm surprised Peru is in first place. I would of thought 2-1 or 3-1 Uruguay, not the other way around. Uruguay need a win in their match if they want don't want to make it difficult on themselves to make it to the next round. Uhh, lets face it, if Uruguay tie or lose, they're done for. First place will most probably be decided on Saturday between Peru and Venezuela.

Now Group B. The underdogs' Group. I did not expect the results we got, but as an Argentine fan, I love it. Ecuador completely dominated Chile in the match, but Chile score a late winner as they beat Ecuador 3-2. And in possibly the upset of the tournament, Mexico beat current Copa America champions Brazil 2-0! Granted Brazil didn't have Ronaldihno, Kaka, Adriano and Ronaldo, but still. You have to give credit where credit is due, Mexico dominated Brazil in the first half and held on to the victory in the second half. Here are the current standings for Group B.

1. Mexico - 3 Points.
2. Chile - 3 Points.
3. Ecuador - 0 Points.
4. Brazil - 0 Points.

Thoughts: Some more bad news for Brazil, Fred has an injured(I'm guessing broken) toe and will miss the rest of the tournament. I can see Mexico beating Chile and Ecuador and my guess is they will top Group B. Next up for the defending champions is a match versus Chile on Sunday and first place Mexico to take on an unlucky Ecuador.

And finally onto the massacre Group. Which is Group C. Why Massacre? Well in the first match of Group C, Paraguay massacred Colombia 5-0! Complete domination by Paraguay. And in the second match we had my Argentina! Argentina embarassed the States, 4-1. The Americans only goal came on a penalty. Second half was all Argentina one Pablo Aimar came on for them and the rest was history. Here are the current standings for Group C.

1. Paraguay - 3 Points.
2. Argentina - 3 Points.
3. USA - 0 Points.
4. Colombia - 0 Points.

Thoughts: Next up for the crushed Americans is a match versus Paraguay and next up to the destroyed Colombians is a match versus Argentina. Much like Group A, the deciding match as to who will finish first will be between Argentina and Paraguay.

That's all for the first round of the group matches. Friday is off for everyone and the tournament continues on Saturday with Group A matches.

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