Friday, June 22, 2007

Argentina List, Gold Cup

Well the Argentina list for the Copa America has been released and here's how it looks like.

Roberto Abbondanzieri
Juan Pablo Carrizo
Agustin Orion

Javier Zanetti
Roberto Ayala
Gabriel Heinze
Gabriel Milito
Daniel Diaz
Hugo Ibarra
Nicolas Burdisso

Luis Gonzalez
Juan Roman Riquelme
Javier Mascherano
Esteban Cambiasso
Fernando Gago
Juan Sebastian Veron
Pablo Aimar

Lionel Messi
Hernan Crespo
Diego Milito
Carlos Tevez
Rodrigo Palacio

And there's the 22 man squad. Personally, I think this is one of the best squads we've ever had. Every position has a mixture of veteran and youth. I'm disappointed that Saviola wasn't on the team(he was replaced with Palacio), but I guess you must of seen it coming. Our first match is on June 28 versus USA. It'll be interesting to see the formation.

Alright, the Gold Cup. I watched some of the highlights last night(it was Canada vs. USA) in the Gold Cup Semi-Finals(the tournament is held in the USA). Canada was ROBBED. For anyone that dosn't know the current situation, let me explain. One of the other teams in the other Semi-Final match was/is Mexico. So naturally Mexico will go to the finals. And for some odd reason everyone wants to see a USA/Mexico final. USA were awarded their THIRD penalty kick of the tournament. THIRD! So the score is 2-1 and there's about a minute left to play. Canada has the ball, he passes it, it goes off an AMERICAN defender, back to the Canadian and the Canadian scores. Goal right? Wrong. The MEXICAN referee called it Offside even though it deflected off the American defender. The score would of been 2-2 and there would have been Extra Time. But their playing in the States, Mexico will go to the final, it's a Mexican referee, ect... The sad part about this is that USA will move up in the FIFA Rankings and Americans will truly believe that they are one of the best teams in the world which is pretty sad.

They have their hero who wears the Number 10 who's supposed to be the best player in the entire world according to American Soccer, yet he still plays in the MLS. MLS in Europe and South America would be considered as third division. Not second or first, THIRD. So if Landon is that good why isn't he playing in Europe? Because he knows that he would be sent back to the States where he can continue to show off the little skill he has on 3rd rate players. This rant is over for now, Argentina/Copa America analysis in the next column. Oh and remember, soccer is the only sport that matters!

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