Friday, June 29, 2007

Copa America First Round Group Matches

With the recent Chris Benoit news, I couldn't stomach writing a news article, but as the days pass by and the first round of group stage officialy finished in the Copa America... Why not?

Let's get things started off with Group A(Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela). The first match of the Copa America was an upset to say the least. Uruguay got a huge surprise as they lost to darkhorse Peru 3-0! Yup, the surprise of the tournament came 1 match into the tournament. In game 2, host Venezuela got held to a draw versus a brave Bolivia team 2-2. Here are the current standings for Group A.

1. Peru - 3 Points.
2. Venezuela - 1 Point.
3. Bolivia - 1 Point.
4. Uruguay - 0 Points.

On Saturday it'll be Bolivia vs. Uruguay and first place Peru vs. hosts Venezuela.

Thoughts: I'm surprised Peru is in first place. I would of thought 2-1 or 3-1 Uruguay, not the other way around. Uruguay need a win in their match if they want don't want to make it difficult on themselves to make it to the next round. Uhh, lets face it, if Uruguay tie or lose, they're done for. First place will most probably be decided on Saturday between Peru and Venezuela.

Now Group B. The underdogs' Group. I did not expect the results we got, but as an Argentine fan, I love it. Ecuador completely dominated Chile in the match, but Chile score a late winner as they beat Ecuador 3-2. And in possibly the upset of the tournament, Mexico beat current Copa America champions Brazil 2-0! Granted Brazil didn't have Ronaldihno, Kaka, Adriano and Ronaldo, but still. You have to give credit where credit is due, Mexico dominated Brazil in the first half and held on to the victory in the second half. Here are the current standings for Group B.

1. Mexico - 3 Points.
2. Chile - 3 Points.
3. Ecuador - 0 Points.
4. Brazil - 0 Points.

Thoughts: Some more bad news for Brazil, Fred has an injured(I'm guessing broken) toe and will miss the rest of the tournament. I can see Mexico beating Chile and Ecuador and my guess is they will top Group B. Next up for the defending champions is a match versus Chile on Sunday and first place Mexico to take on an unlucky Ecuador.

And finally onto the massacre Group. Which is Group C. Why Massacre? Well in the first match of Group C, Paraguay massacred Colombia 5-0! Complete domination by Paraguay. And in the second match we had my Argentina! Argentina embarassed the States, 4-1. The Americans only goal came on a penalty. Second half was all Argentina one Pablo Aimar came on for them and the rest was history. Here are the current standings for Group C.

1. Paraguay - 3 Points.
2. Argentina - 3 Points.
3. USA - 0 Points.
4. Colombia - 0 Points.

Thoughts: Next up for the crushed Americans is a match versus Paraguay and next up to the destroyed Colombians is a match versus Argentina. Much like Group A, the deciding match as to who will finish first will be between Argentina and Paraguay.

That's all for the first round of the group matches. Friday is off for everyone and the tournament continues on Saturday with Group A matches.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Argentina List, Gold Cup

Well the Argentina list for the Copa America has been released and here's how it looks like.

Roberto Abbondanzieri
Juan Pablo Carrizo
Agustin Orion

Javier Zanetti
Roberto Ayala
Gabriel Heinze
Gabriel Milito
Daniel Diaz
Hugo Ibarra
Nicolas Burdisso

Luis Gonzalez
Juan Roman Riquelme
Javier Mascherano
Esteban Cambiasso
Fernando Gago
Juan Sebastian Veron
Pablo Aimar

Lionel Messi
Hernan Crespo
Diego Milito
Carlos Tevez
Rodrigo Palacio

And there's the 22 man squad. Personally, I think this is one of the best squads we've ever had. Every position has a mixture of veteran and youth. I'm disappointed that Saviola wasn't on the team(he was replaced with Palacio), but I guess you must of seen it coming. Our first match is on June 28 versus USA. It'll be interesting to see the formation.

Alright, the Gold Cup. I watched some of the highlights last night(it was Canada vs. USA) in the Gold Cup Semi-Finals(the tournament is held in the USA). Canada was ROBBED. For anyone that dosn't know the current situation, let me explain. One of the other teams in the other Semi-Final match was/is Mexico. So naturally Mexico will go to the finals. And for some odd reason everyone wants to see a USA/Mexico final. USA were awarded their THIRD penalty kick of the tournament. THIRD! So the score is 2-1 and there's about a minute left to play. Canada has the ball, he passes it, it goes off an AMERICAN defender, back to the Canadian and the Canadian scores. Goal right? Wrong. The MEXICAN referee called it Offside even though it deflected off the American defender. The score would of been 2-2 and there would have been Extra Time. But their playing in the States, Mexico will go to the final, it's a Mexican referee, ect... The sad part about this is that USA will move up in the FIFA Rankings and Americans will truly believe that they are one of the best teams in the world which is pretty sad.

They have their hero who wears the Number 10 who's supposed to be the best player in the entire world according to American Soccer, yet he still plays in the MLS. MLS in Europe and South America would be considered as third division. Not second or first, THIRD. So if Landon is that good why isn't he playing in Europe? Because he knows that he would be sent back to the States where he can continue to show off the little skill he has on 3rd rate players. This rant is over for now, Argentina/Copa America analysis in the next column. Oh and remember, soccer is the only sport that matters!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Video of the Week 1: Boca Juniors 3 - Gremio 0

U20 FIFA World Cup

Yes, there's another tournament this summer and it's the FIFA U20 World Cup. Yup, the Under20 World Cup is actually coming to Canada! "It's only the juniors! Why else should I watch this tournament?!" you ask? Well it's simple. Most of these players already play with clubs(big clubs and small clubs). Sure some are probably rookies and most if not all are making their international debut, but the future stars are made in this tournament and I'm not just making that up either. Great soccer players have come out of this tournament. Diego Maradona, Lionel Messi, Javier Saviola, Ronaldihno, Kaka, Adriano and more. These guys made their name on the international scene via this tournament. The question is, who'll be the next superstar? Personally(and I'm not just saying this because I'm an Argentina fan), but I think Sergio "Kun" Aguero will explode in this tournament. This guy is a great player and I think he will(much like previous players) benefit from this tournament. Here are the current groups.

Group A:

Group B:

Group C:
New Zealand

Group D:
Korea Republic
United States

Group E:
Czech Republic
Korea DPR

Group F:
Costa Rica

As usual, in every tournament there's a group of death(see link below for more details about Group of Death).
However in this tournament there seems to be 3 groups of death. Groups C, D and E. Group A seems to be the easiest one of all with Group F behind but you never know. By the way, did I mention I'm going to Argentina vs. Korea DPR and Brazil vs. USA? Yes, I'm special I know, I know. Until next time, remember soccer is the only sport that matters!

Copa America, Transfer News, More

Well the Copa America is soon approaching and so is the deadline for the final squad list. All coaches have until June 21st to send in their final list of players that will be participating in the competition. And it looks as if the Argentine coach will take his time. Only a few players have been confirmed. Lionel Messi, Pablo Aimar, Hernan Crespo and Roberto Abbondanzieri. Some are more-or-less confirmed, but nothing 100%. One player however that I feel should be on the team is Javier Saviola. This guy is one of the most underrated players in the world right now and it would be a loss for the team if he isn't included. This kid has the speed, the skill, EVERYTHING. However his timing is horrible. He was in the U20 World Cup with Argentina(where he really shined) in 2001 and seeing as how the World Cup was the following year, he wasn't able to be included. And in 2006 he was in the starting line up but was overshadowed by Messi and Tevez. Now Copa America time he's overshadowed by Messi, Tevez and Milito. The kid really has no luck what so ever. Well it's that time of the year again, let the transfer talk begin! Saviola to Madrid? Henry to Barca? Tevez to Inter/Madrid?

Javier Saviola: Once again rumors have surfaced that Argentine striker Javier Saviola will go from Barcelona to rivals Madrid. This would be HUGE for Madrid seeing as how Ruud Van Nistelrooy is doing just about everything for Real Madrid right now. And Saviola hasn't played a match for Barcelona in the longest time(again overshadowed, this time by Messi, Eto'o and Ronaldihno). Not only would this benefit Madrid, but obviously Saviola aswell. He would finally get the respect he deserves over there and he would be able to show his skills.

Thierry Henry: Saviola gone and in comes Henry. Henry hasn't done anything to deny the rumors that he is in talks with Barcelona. It seems as if he wants out of Arsenal(and maybe England all together). And Barcelona is leading the race to get Henry. Of course many clubs would love to get their hands on Henry, but Barcelona seems like it's going to go through a major overhaul this summer, so what better way to start off than by signing Henry? Thing is what would they do with Messi, Eto'o, Ronaldihno and Henry? Who's going to be the sub?

Carlos Tevez: Carlos Tevez, the most loved player in West Ham. Rumors are circuling that he's gotten bids from Inter(Italy), Real Madrid(Spain), Barcelona(Spain) and even Chelsea(England) and from West Ham to stay with them. The question is, who's in the lead? A few weeks ago it was Inter who was throwing out all the money. Now we hear that Madrid is involved in the race. Barcelona to some extent, but I doubt they'll throw much for him especially seeing as how they're main problem isn't forwards. Chelsea seems out of the running and West Ham is still a possibilty. The only realistic clubs that are willing to throw the money are Inter, Madrid and West Ham. With that said, I still think he'll end up going to Inter, especially since they have several Argentine players(Crespo, Cruz, Cambiasso, Burdisso, Zanetti, Samuel, Solari and Mariano Gonzalez.) Those are 8 Argentine players with Tevez 9. But who knows, he might end up going to Madrid where fellow Argentina teammate Saviola seems to be going. Or he might stay at West Ham.

Those are 3 players that can end up going just about anywhere right now. Stay tunned for my next column, where I will post my video of the week and much more! Until next time, remember soccer is the only sport that matters!

Friday, June 15, 2007

The other stuff! Wrestling Reviews! - Part 2

Alright, I said I'd post 2 wrestling reviews and I only posted one. So here's the double header(ewww, that sounds wrong).

Event: The Main Event(Saturday Night Main Event).
Commentators: Vince McMahon, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Macho Man Randy Savage.
Other: Ted Dibease has Sensational Sherri in his corner.

Bret Hart vs. Ted Dibease
The bell sounds and we are under way. They hook up as Ted over powers Bret and pushes him onto the ropes. A knee to the stomach by Ted. A few knife edge chops to Bret. Bret goes into the corner, and some right hands by Ted. Ted sends Bret Hart to the corner, but Bret reverses it. Ted bounces off the turnbuckle pad and a hip toss by Bret. Ted gets up and a clothsline by Bret. He gets up again, and another clothsline by Bret. Ted gets up once again, and Bret clothslines Ted over the top rope onto the outside. Bret jumps over the top rope and lands on Ted. Some right hands by Bret. Sherri about to sneak up behind Bret, but Bret looks at Sherri and Sherri begins running away. Bret turns his attention back to Ted and sends him back into the ring. A headlock take down by Bret as he goes for the cover, 1..2.. but Ted reverses it and rolls Bret over for the cover, 1..2.. but Bret kicks out. Bret reverses it back into a headlock as both men get up. Bret still with the headlock on as Ted sends Bret to the ropes. Bret comes back and a shoulder block by Bret. Bret runs to the ropes, Ted goes for a clothsline, Bret ducks and continues running. Sherri trips Bret. Bret quickly gets up and looks at Sherri. He grabs her by the hair as she goes on the ring apron. Ted gets up and goes to attack Bret from behind, but Bret moves out of the way as Ted nails Sherri with a knee to the face taking Sherri down to the outside. Bret rolls Ted from behind, 1..2.. but Ted kicks out. The crowd loving every second of this match as they start cheering.

A standing headlock by Bret. Ted sens Bret to the ropes, Bret takes him down with a shoulder block. Bret runs to the ropes, jumps over Ted, comes running back but Ted picks Bret up and throws him onto the ropes. Ted picks Bret up and a piledriver. A cover by Ted, 1..2.. but Bret kicks out. Ted picks Bret up and sends him to the ropes. Bret comes back and jumps behind Ted. Bret pushing Ted to the ropes, but Ted moves out of the way as Bret lands on the outside. Ted catches his breath for a second and goes to the outside. He smashes Bret's head on the ring steps. Ted gets in the ring and distracts the ref as Sherri punches Bret. Ted goes back to the outside and sends Bret inside the ring. Ted begins chocking Bret by using the ropes as the referee breaks it up. Ted gets up and begins arguing with the ref. Meanwhile, Sherri takes off her coat and begins chocking Bret. She lets go as Ted goes back and chockes Bret with the ropes again. Referee breaks it up as Ted begins arguing with the ref. Sherri takes off her shoe, grabs Bret and hits him with the shoe across the throat. Ted grabs Bret and smashes his head onto the turnbuckle pad. A chop across Bret's chest by Ted. Ted sends Bret to the turnbuckle and Bret goes down. Ted gloating. Ted getting ready for the sleeper(Million Dollar Dream). He goes behind Bret and locks it on. Bret trying to get out of it, finally backs Ted into the turnbuckle and the hold is broken. Ted gets up and climbs the turnbuckle. He goes for a double ax, but Bret hits him in the stomach as Ted goes down. Ted gets back up. A right hand by Bret, Ted goes for a shot, but Bret blocks it. Some more right hands by Bret finally takes Ted down. Ted begging for mercy. Ted goes to the corner and a few right hands by Bret. Bret grabs Ted out of the corner and an attomic drop. Bret runs to the ropes and an elbow smash takes Ted down. Bret goes for the cover, 1..2.. but Ted kicks out. Ted gets back up and a russian leg sweep by Bret. Bret goes for the cover, 1..2... but Ted kicks out. Vince doing commentating is saying it was a three. Bret gets up and argues with the ref. He turns his attention back to Ted.

He picks Ted up and a back breaker. Bret climbs the turnbuckle. The ref telling him to get down, and Bret with an elbow drop. He goes for the over, 1..2.. but Ted kicks out. The announcers going crazy saying it was a three. Bret begins arguing with the ref, telling him it was a three, but the ref saying nothing. He goes back to Ted a right hand by Bret and he locks on the headlock. Ted sends him to the ropes, Bret runs, jumps over Ted, but Sherri holds Bret's leg. The ref seeing nothing. Bret goes to the outside and follows Sherri. He grabs Sherri by her jacket, but Ted from behind with a double ax off the ring apron. Piper who was doing commentating begins walking down to the outside. The fans literally going crazy. On the inside of the ring, Bret takes Ted down and a few right hands by Bret. The camera cuts to the ouside. Piper telling Sherri to leave. But she begins walking away from him. He begins chasing her outside the ring. Piper looking under the ring and grabs a broom. He begins hitting her with the broom on her ass. And chases her outside the ring. He puts the broom between his legs and chases her. He chases her out of the ring side area to the back. Back inside the ring, a rake to the eyes to Bret. Ted looks on the outside of the ring. He goes outside and begins walking to the back. Bret goes to the outside and follows Ted. They tie up and exchange right hands. The ref calls for the bell as both men are counted out. Bret knocks Ted down and begins walking back to the ring. Ted gets up and follows him. Bret slides back into the ring and begins arguing with the ref as both men are furious.

Final Thoughts
4 out of 5. Great match for a Saturday Night Main Event. The fans were really into it, especially the commentators.

Alright, that's it for the double header(God, I hate those words). Until next time, remember soccer is the only sport that matters!

The other stuff! Wrestling Reviews! - Part 1

Alright, seeing as how it's written in my blog description "Information about Argentina's soccer team... And I think that's it... No wait, other stuff too!", I think it's only fair to talk about other stuff too! In this case, wrestling. Yup, time for a good old fashion wrestling review. Heck, 2 of them! So without further a-do, The reviews.

Event: Survivor Series 1992.
Commentators: Vince McMahon, Bobby Heenan
Other: World Champion vs Intercontinental Champion(World Title On The Line ONLY).

Bret Hart(WWF Champion) vs. Shawn Michaels(Intercontinental Champion)
Before the match, Shawn is backstage getting interviewed. The usual cockyness about how he's gonna beat Bret Hart. Backstage Bret is getting interviewed by Mean Gean. A huge ovation for Bret as the bell rings. Both men hook up as Shawn goes into the corner. Hebner breaks it up. They hook up again as Shawn takes Bret down with a take down. They exchange multiple reversals while on the mat. Shawn gets up as he pushes Bret. Bret pushes him back. They hook up again, an armbar by Bret, armbar by Shawn as he takes Bret down. Bret kicks up(like Shawn) and some right hands by Bret. Bret keeps working on the arm applying an armbar. A standing armbar for a minute or so and a right hand by Bret. Shawn grabbing some of Bret's hair as he sends him to the ropes, Bret jumps over Shawn but a drop toe-hold by Shawn takes Bret down. But Bret quickly moves out of the way before Shawn can apply any type of move as he locks in an armbar once again. Both men on the mat. They get up and Bret still with the armbar. Shawn reverses the armbar. Bret runs for a second and catches Shawn off-guard as Shawn goes through the ropes onto the outside.

Shawn on the ring apron, but Bret flips him in and locks in the armbar. Shawn sends Bret to the ropes, Bret jumps over Shawn, he tries to go for a roll-up, but Shawn hangs onto the ropes as Bret flips back. Shawn turns around and a cross body by Bret Hart. He goes for the cover, 1.. 2.., but Shawn kicks out and Bret rolls to the outside. Bret gets onto the apron, a shoulder thrust, Bret flips over Shawn, goes for the cover, 1.. 2.., but Shawn kicks out. An arm drag by Bret and another armbar by Bret. The fans slowly getting back into the match up. A right hand by Shawn as Bret lets go of the hold. Elbow to the head by Shawn. He sends Bret to the ropes, Bret reverses it, sending Shawn. Bret goes for an arm drag by Shawn lands on his feet and a clothsline by Bret. Bret goes for the cover, 1..2.. but Shawn kicks out. Bret goes back to the arm using an armbar. Shawn trying to reach the ropes but Bret drags him away. Still with the armbar, Shawn sends Bret to the ropes, a shoulder block by Bret, a leap-frog by Bret and Shawn with a flapjack onto the ropes. Shawn gets up first. Some right hands by the two in the corner. Bret sends Shawn to the other turnbuckle. Bret goes for a shoulder block, but Shawn moves out of the way as Bret's shoulder hits the steel post. Bret's down as Shawn gets up. He picks Bret up and a drop by Shawn. Some right hands by Shawn. Bret gets into the corner. He sends Bret to the turnbuckle and Bret runs chest first onto the pad. Shawn quickly goes for the cover, 1.., 2.. but Bret kicks out. A sleeper hold by Shawn. Both men resting. Lots of rest holds in this match so far. Both men get back up, Bret tries to escape the hold, but Shawn drops him back down and locks in the sleeper. Vince mentions the fact that it looks like a choke, but Hebner does nothing about it. Both men get up and Shawn still with the sleeper hold. Heenan says that if Bret loses the title, it's going to be a lonely dinner at Bret's house with 65 brothers and sisters and relatives all trying to eat that 2 pound bird. Bret escapes the hold, Bret runs to the ropes but a dropkick by Shawn. Shawn goes for the cover, 1.. 2... but Bret kicks out.

Heenan asks if they(Hart family) even take the feathers off the bird or if they just throw it into the microwave and press hot. A back breaker by Shawn, 1.. 2.. but a kick out. Another sleeper by Shawn. Heenan says that with the travelling, with the matches and the pressures of being the WWF champion, the pain is taking it's toll on Bret Hart. Shawn still with the sleeper hold on Bret. Bret with some right hands by Shawn. Bret runs to the ropes, and a swinging neck breaker by Bret takes both men down. A right hand by Shawn to the throat takes Bret down. Shawn kicks Bret a few times. He picks Bret up and a modified sleeper by Shawn as both men are on the mat. Bret not giving up as both men are slowly starting to get up. Bret rams Shawn into the turnbuckle. A few shoulder thrusts by Bret. He sends Shawn to the corner, but Shawn reverses it. Shawn goes for a splash, but Bret kicks him in the face. Bret with a running bulldog on Shawn. He climbs the top rope, he goes for an elbow drop, but Shawn moves out of the way. Both men down again, Shawn goes for the cover, 1.. 2... but Bret kicks out. Shawn picks Bret up, he sends Bret to the ropes and a running elbow to the face by Shawn. Shawn quickly goes for the cover, 1.. 2... but Bret kicks out. And Shawn once again, a modifies sleeper hold by Shawn. Bret gets on his feet, Shawn goes for what seems to be a suplex, but a small package by Bret, 1.. 2... but Shawn just kicks out. Shawn gets up first and a right hand by Shawn. He sends Bret to the corner. Shawn goes for a shoulder thrust, but Bret jumps over him. Bret behind Shawn delivers a back drop. Shawn still somehow gets up before Bret. Shawn sends Bret to the ropes, a leap-frog by Shawn. Shawn goes for another leap-frog but Bret catches him. He throws Shawn down and a slingshot(catapulte) by Bret sends Shawn face first into the turnbuckle pad.

Bret gets up. Shawn gets up, a right hand by Bret. He sends Shawn to the corner and Shawn's chest bounces off the turnbuckle pad and lands in the middle of the 2 top ropes. Shawn horizontally on his stoamach. Bret kicks Shawn and Shawn lands groin first onto the ropes. Bret shakes the ropes as Shawn gets off. A headbutt by Bret. He sends Shawn to the ropes and a back body drop by Bret. Bret goes for the cover, 1.. 2... but Shawn kicks out. He sends Shawn to the ropes again, and a punch to the lower abdomen by Shawn. A russian leg sweep by Bret. Bret goes for the cover, 1.. 2... but Shawn kicks out. A back breaker by Bret takes Shawn down. Bret climbs the turnbuckle and lands the elbow drop. He goes for the cover, 1.. 2... but Shawn kicks out once again. Bret picks Shawn up in a suplex position but puts Shawn on the top rope. Bret gets up and a superplex off the top rope. Both men down. Bret with his arm on Shawn, 1.. 2... but Shawn kicks out. Shawn goes for a right hand, but Bret catches his arm. Both men back into the refree taking him down. Bret turns around and check up on the referee as Hebner gets back up. Bret turns around, Shawn goes for a kick, Bret catches his foot, Bret turns him around. He goes for a backdrop, but Shawn lands on his feet. Bret rolls in back of Shawn. They run towards the ropes, Shawn ducks and Bret goes flying through the second rope. Shawn rolls to the outside as he backs Bret into the steel post. Shawn rolls back into the ring as Bret is down on the outside. Shawn goes back to the outside and a bodyslam on the outside by Shawn. Shawn rolls back into the ring and rolls back to the outside. He grabs Bret by the hair and sends him back into the ring. He sends Bret to the turnbuckle and Bret's back bounces off as he goes down. Shawn goes for the cover, 1.. 2... but Bret kicks out. Shawn sends Bret to the ropes and a back body drop by Shawn. Shawn goes for the cover, 1.. 2... but Bret kicks out once again. Shawn argues with Hebner for a second saying it was a 3 count. Bret rolls Shawn up, 1.. 2... but Shawn kicks out. Both men get up and a Sweet Chin Music by Shawn. Remember that was not Shawn's finishing move at the time. Shawn still standing as he picks Bret up. Shawn goes for his finishing move, The Back Drop, but Bret with a rache to the eyes slowing Shawn down. Bret with a right hand. He goes for another, Shawn ducks and The Back Drop! Shawn goes for the cover, 1.. 2... but Bret kicks out. Shawn cannot believe it and the announcers cannot believe it aswell. Shawn sends Bret to the ropes but Bret with a forarm on Shawn. Shawn backs up into the ropes and gets tied up in the ropes. Bret runs, he goes for a splash, but somehow Shawn escapes and Bret collides with the ropes going down. Shawn climbs the turnbuckle. He goes for a dropkick, but Bret catches his feet. Bret locks on the sharpshooter. Shawn quickly taps out. Hebner hands the World Title to Bret as Bret kisses the gold. The fans going crazy and here comes Santa Clause! Vince says "Look who's coming!" Heenan replies by saying "What do you mean look who's coming. It's not the Easter Bunny, stupid!" Bret holds the ropes for Santa as Santa gets into the ring. They hug as Santa hands Bret a Santa Hat. Snow begins falling down the arena. Bret poses for the crowd. Santa raises Bret's arm in the air. Both Bret and Santa pose for the crowd as the Copyright Sign appears on the screen and the camera fades away.

Final Thoughts
3.5 out of 5. A pretty good match. The rest holds really killed the match at times, but I guess it added some good to the match.

That's all for now(now means 2 minutes) until I post my next review! Oh and remember, soccer is the only sport that matters!

Copa America - Argentina or Brazil?

For those none-soccer fans looking to follow and actually pay attention to my columns, let me just inform you of a few things about me and my columns. Reason for the Vamos Vamos Albicelestes? Albicelestes means Sky Blue/White(which are Argentina's colors, so naturally you can tell I'm a huge Argentine fan. Vamos Vamos essentially means Go Go! Put them together and you get Go! Go! Argentina!). Now that we've got that out of the way, onto the actual news!

Well Copa America(South American version of the Euro Cup) is coming up shortly later on this month. June 26 to be exact. Let's be honest, the heavy favorites as always are Argentina and Brazil. The States have been invited to take part in it for the first time this year. Before I go into detail about everything, let's take a look at the groups.

Group A:

Group B:

Group C:
United States

Now onto the details! Group A is the toughest to pick from because any team from that group can go to the next round. Venezuela of course has the home advange(did I mention this year it's in Venezuela?) Uruguay is always tough, Peru can pull it off and Bolivia is the true dark horse of the tournament. I see Uruguay finishing first with hosts Venezuela finishing second to advance to the next round.

Group B of course you have to mention Brazil going through to the next round. That's a definite. Question is who will join them to the next round? With the way Mexico is playing in the Gold Cup, they look beatable. Chile is like Peru, they can pull it off and Ecuador is a tough team to beat. However, even though Mexico isn't playing the way they can in the Gold Cup, I'll still have to say they will join Brazil in the next round.

And now onto Group C. My Argentina is more or less in the group of death with Paraguay, Colombia and the States in there. Argentina really wants revenge for their last Copa America appearance(they lost on penalty kicks in the final versus Brazil). And they have THE team of the tournament with Crespo, Tevez, Messi, Saviola, Zanetti, ect... As for who will join them in the next round... My money's on Paraguay. I've been watching FSC lately(Fox Soccer Channel) for the Gold Cup and they're building up the States like there's no tomorrow. It's going to be funny watching them fall FLAT on their face when they lose their opening match versus Argentina on June 28th. Colombia's the dark horse of the group and I just can't see them going through.

So I picked...: Uruguay/Venezuela for Group A, Brazil/Mexico for Group B and Argentina/Paraguay for Group C. Let's see how well I do. This is only my first column, expect alot more news, rumors and even soccer reviews! Because remember, soccer is the only sport that matters!