Monday, June 18, 2007

Copa America, Transfer News, More

Well the Copa America is soon approaching and so is the deadline for the final squad list. All coaches have until June 21st to send in their final list of players that will be participating in the competition. And it looks as if the Argentine coach will take his time. Only a few players have been confirmed. Lionel Messi, Pablo Aimar, Hernan Crespo and Roberto Abbondanzieri. Some are more-or-less confirmed, but nothing 100%. One player however that I feel should be on the team is Javier Saviola. This guy is one of the most underrated players in the world right now and it would be a loss for the team if he isn't included. This kid has the speed, the skill, EVERYTHING. However his timing is horrible. He was in the U20 World Cup with Argentina(where he really shined) in 2001 and seeing as how the World Cup was the following year, he wasn't able to be included. And in 2006 he was in the starting line up but was overshadowed by Messi and Tevez. Now Copa America time he's overshadowed by Messi, Tevez and Milito. The kid really has no luck what so ever. Well it's that time of the year again, let the transfer talk begin! Saviola to Madrid? Henry to Barca? Tevez to Inter/Madrid?

Javier Saviola: Once again rumors have surfaced that Argentine striker Javier Saviola will go from Barcelona to rivals Madrid. This would be HUGE for Madrid seeing as how Ruud Van Nistelrooy is doing just about everything for Real Madrid right now. And Saviola hasn't played a match for Barcelona in the longest time(again overshadowed, this time by Messi, Eto'o and Ronaldihno). Not only would this benefit Madrid, but obviously Saviola aswell. He would finally get the respect he deserves over there and he would be able to show his skills.

Thierry Henry: Saviola gone and in comes Henry. Henry hasn't done anything to deny the rumors that he is in talks with Barcelona. It seems as if he wants out of Arsenal(and maybe England all together). And Barcelona is leading the race to get Henry. Of course many clubs would love to get their hands on Henry, but Barcelona seems like it's going to go through a major overhaul this summer, so what better way to start off than by signing Henry? Thing is what would they do with Messi, Eto'o, Ronaldihno and Henry? Who's going to be the sub?

Carlos Tevez: Carlos Tevez, the most loved player in West Ham. Rumors are circuling that he's gotten bids from Inter(Italy), Real Madrid(Spain), Barcelona(Spain) and even Chelsea(England) and from West Ham to stay with them. The question is, who's in the lead? A few weeks ago it was Inter who was throwing out all the money. Now we hear that Madrid is involved in the race. Barcelona to some extent, but I doubt they'll throw much for him especially seeing as how they're main problem isn't forwards. Chelsea seems out of the running and West Ham is still a possibilty. The only realistic clubs that are willing to throw the money are Inter, Madrid and West Ham. With that said, I still think he'll end up going to Inter, especially since they have several Argentine players(Crespo, Cruz, Cambiasso, Burdisso, Zanetti, Samuel, Solari and Mariano Gonzalez.) Those are 8 Argentine players with Tevez 9. But who knows, he might end up going to Madrid where fellow Argentina teammate Saviola seems to be going. Or he might stay at West Ham.

Those are 3 players that can end up going just about anywhere right now. Stay tunned for my next column, where I will post my video of the week and much more! Until next time, remember soccer is the only sport that matters!

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