Sunday, September 16, 2007

Champions League Preview - Tuesday

The biggest European futbol tournament is upon us. Yes folks, the UEFA Champions League starts this Tuesday with matches on Wednesday aswell. I'll preview the "big" matches for Tuesday and Wednesday. Up first *drumroll*...

Liverpool vs. FC Porto
The way I see it Liverpool will make Porto its bitch. This group is Liverpools for the taking, hands down. They say the first match is the most important match of any tournament because you don't wan tto fall behind. Well Liverpool will have to try and grab 3 points or atleast 1 point while playing away because there is no way they are going to lose at home. Maybe an upset with Porto winning 1-0 or Liverpool taking it 1-1? I have no idea what to pick, but if there's one team that can take points away from Liverpool in this group, its this team. So 1-1 draw with Porto scoring late in the game.
Prediction: 1-1 draw

Chelsea vs. Rosenborg
All this is going to be is training for Chelsea. Chelsea starts off their Champions League hopes at home and it can't get much easier in my opinion. They've been having a hard time trying to score in the EPL and Didier Drogba is doubtful for Tuesdays match so theres another problem for them. But even with their scoring problems, I think they can take this one atleast 2-0. 3-0 wouldn't be much of a surprise either.
Prediction: 2-0 Chelsea

Real Madrid vs. Bremen
In my opinion, this is the match to watch on Tuesday. Madrid has been on fire in La Liga and show no signs of slowing down. Like Chelsea and Porto they start at home and like Porto, they have a tough opponent to deal with. Bremen is no where near being a walk in the park but Madrid is playing at home. Bremen I don't think you can ever count out, but I'm gonna have to lean towards a Madrid victory. 2-1 Madrid with Sneijder scoring the winner off a free kick.
Prediction: 2-1 Real Madrid

AC Milan vs. Benfica
The current Champions League winners taking on the other Portuguese team playing on Tuesday. There's no doubt in anyones mind that Milan will easily take this group. Milan coming off a 1-1 tie on Saturday(granted they played their B team). I feel bad for Benfica, I really do. 3-1 Milan.
Prediction: 3-1 AC Milan

And that covers Tuesdays matches, I'll be covering Wednesdays matches in the next entry. Until next time, Vamos Vamos Argentina!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Euro 2008: France/Italy, England/Israel

I'd just like to start off by saying that I'm trying to post as much as I can and time isn't exactly on my side. Enough excuses, its futbol time! In Group B, it was a re-match of the 2006 World Cup final(minus Zidane). Its the second match between these two teams(France beat Italy 3-1 at home). Second match was played in Italy and it ended in a 0-0 draw. Nothing fantanstic of a match, fairly boring in my opinion but it did enough to change the standings in Group B. With Scotland's victory over Lithuania, Group B now looks like this.

1. France(19 Points)
2. Scotland(18 Points)
3. Italy(17 Points)

Keep in mind only 2 teams from each group advance to Euro 2008 itself. So it will be a tough race between those 3 teams. We'll cut to Group E where a desperate England was in need of a victory to practically keep their Euro hopes alive. On Saturday England played host to Israel(yes we're aware that Israel isn't part of Europe but seeing as how no Asian... Well Middle East country hates Israel, UEFA allowed Israel into their confederation). Cut to the match, England won 3-0. It's not so much that England was dominant just that Israel played pretty bad. England fans don't realise that they beat Israel 3-0 and not Argentina, Brazil, France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, ect... Let alone the fact that it was at Wembley of all places. The Euro 2008 Qualifying round continues tomorrow with England(once again the host) taking on Russia who is 1 point ahead of them. And here's how Group E looks like.

1. Croatia(20 Points)
2. Russia (18 Points)
3. England(17 Points)
4. Israel(17 Points).

So technically Israel isn't out yet, far from it. So if England lose their match tomorrow and Israel beats Croatia(in October), it'll be like this(assuming Croatia beats Andorra tomorrow).

1. Croatia
2. Russia
3. Israel
4. England

As you can see, it'll be difficult for England to get in second place with a loss and a victory by Israel. For a COMPLETE look at the standings, visit

Until next time, Vamos Vamos Argentina!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Champions League Groups Predictions...

Yup, the draw was held on Friday and here are the results...

Group A:
FC Porto

Group B:

Group C:
Real Madrid

Group D:

Group E:

Group F:
Manchester United
Sporting Lisbon
Dynamo Kyiv

Group G:
CSKA Moskva

Group H:
FC Steaua

As usual there are the tough groups and the easier groups. So here are my predictions...

Group A:
Liverpool will easily top this group hands down. I'll be surprised if they don't. Porto will come in second with Marseille in third and Besiktas not even getting a victory.

Group B:
I'll have to say Chelsea and Valencia will take this group. Who'll top it? I'll take a guess and say Chelsea but it can be Valencia. I'm not counting Schalke out either, it's a possibility that they come in second instead of Valencia, but I can't see it happening. And Rosenborg in fourth.

Group C:
Madrid looks to be in top, top form which is why I'm picking them to top C. Bremen for second, Lazio third and Olympiacos(like Besiktas) in Group A, will be lucky if they get a victory.

Group D:
Ah, the current champions, AC Milan. Like there's even any doubt as to who will top this group. Question is who'll take second? Benfica and Celtic aren't exactly a walk in the park. My mind tells me Benfica, but my gut says Celtic. So Celtic it is. Oh and Shakhtar to finish last.

Group E:
A mouth-watering group to say the least. Barcelona, Lyon, Stuttgart and Rangers. Former La Liga and UEFA Champions League winners in 2005-2006, current LFP champions in Lyon, Bundesliga champions Stuttgart and Rangers. This for me is the group to watch. Not only because I'm a Barca fan, but because Bercelona vs. Rangers will just be amazing. Barcelona to top, Rangers in second.

Group F:
Well, it's going to be a homecoming for Ronaldo and Nani when they play Sporting away. Roma will seek revenge after that humiliating 7-1 loss to United in the Quarter Finals last year of the UEFA Champions League. Dynamo in my opinion is there to give United, Roma and Sporting 6 points each. I can see Roma taking this group with United in second. It depends how will United play.

Group G:
A fairly easy group in my opinion. Since we all know who will top this one(Inter), the fun part is guessing who'll come in second. And I'm gonna have to take PSV for a million Bob. Fener for third and CSKA for last.

Group H:
Quiet possibly the easiest group of the tournament. Arsenal, Sevilla, Steaua and Slavia. Arsenal are playing well in the EPL and Sevilla isn't doing too bad either(but we just finished week 2 in Spain). Arsenal to top and Sevilla to grab second.

Well, those are my predictions for the Champions League group stage. Of course there's always surprises, but I'm pretty confident that the teams I picked to advance, WILL advance. But you never know. Until then, Vamos Vamos Argentina!

Antonio Puerta, Beckham Bashing Part 3432432 and more!

I would just like to say how sad it is to see someone go. I'm not good at these types of things but its sad to see someone pass away, let alone pass away the way he did. But on the bright side(if there even is one in death), he died doing what he loved. Playing the beautiful game for the team he grew up loving. It seems as if FIFA will finally start doing some testing of some sorts, but that will take years to put in effect. With that said, I would like to say R.I.P Puerta, you truly are missed.

Since I can't stand the thought of death, I thought I'd move onto something else. Beckham! If you were to look up Futbol's "Glass Man", you would see David Beckham's picture. Who didn't see this coming from a mile away? Not only was the guy already injury proned, but having to fly overseas every now and then will get to you. And thats not even the CAUSE of Beckhams injury. Basically here's what happened. After what seemed to be a life time of hype, Beckham finally plays his first MLS match. Everything seems to go well. After that he flies to Europe to go play a friendly match versus Germany(England vs. Germany where Germany won 2-1). After the loss he flies his ass back to North America where he plays a match where afterwards his LA Galaxy coach announces that Beckham will get the next match off to rest. What happens in his next match? Beckham get injured and is now sidelined for 6 weeks. Genius! In other words, he could very well miss the rest of the LA Galaxy's season. There goes the first season... Only what, 3 more to go? I'm sure somewhere down the line Beckham will end up playing oh 5-6 heck maybe even 9-10 matches in those 3 years. I can see Beckham is commited to wanting to play and everything, but for once in your life Beckham pick one! Either your national team or MLS. You can't keep flying back and fourth. Now thing this that he has to prove himself in matches to play for the National Team. And the only way he can prove himself is to play in matches. Not only has he screwed his fellow LA teammates, he's also seemed to screw over his National Team. Because England only has a few games left(2-3) in the Euro 2008 Qualification Round and they must win all of them(oe atleast 75% of them) to advance to the actual tournament. So this shall be interesting to say the least...

But Beckham isn't the only player that is made out of glass. Barcelona's own Samuel Eto'o is out for 2 months. The bright side of this(again if there is a bright side), is that Henry will finally get a chance to prove himself. Heck, even little Giovanni Dos Santos has gotten some playing time 2 matches into the season. Speaking of which, Barcelona defeated Atletico Bilbao 3-1 on Sunday with 2 goals from Ronaldinho and very "ehh did that even go in" type of goal from Yaya Toure. Basically he sent an extremely powerful shot that hit the crossbar and landed on the goal line and went out. No sign of a goal until about 10 seconds later where Barcelona players started celebrating. On certain replays it looked like it had gone in, but from other angles it looked like only half of it went in(the whole ball has to go in for it to be counted as a goal). Just a quick note, Ronaldinho and Toure are the only players for Barcelona with goals this season so far. Messi came close, Henry and Dos Santos aswell, heck even Eto'o. And speaking of "glass man"...

Manchester United's own(and everyones favorite "glass man"), Louis Saha made his return to Old Trafford on Saturday where he helped Manchester United beat Sunderland 1-0. Saha became the front man as Tevez moved behind him for the rest of the match following the goal. Cristiano Ronaldo will be making his return after serving a 3 game ban following the red card he received in United's second match of the season. Needless to say, Ronaldo has been missed. It'll be interesting to see what happens with the formation now that Ronaldo's back and United finally has 2 strikers. What about Giggs? Nani? We'll see... Until next time, Vamos Vamos Argentina!