Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Copa America Secound Round Group Matches

"Ladies and Gentlemen... We are... REEEEADYYYY TOOOOO TTTALLK SOCCCCCCER!" Ok, so I needed some cool introduction. Yes, I found it cool. Now that I have your attention, lets talk soccer! Since this month is Copa America and FIFA U20 World Cup month, I thought we'd talk about those. Starting with Copa America and U20 in the next article. We're in the second round of the group stage and let's see the current standings for Group A.

1. Venezuela - 4 Points.(Was 2nd place last stage).
2. Peru - 3 Points.(Was 1st place last stage).
3. Uruguay - 3 Points.(Was 4th place last stage).
4. Bolivia - 1 Point.(Was 3rd place last stage).

Here's what happened this week with this Group. Uruguay defeated Bolivia 1-0 and Venezuela defeated Peru 2-0. If Uruguay can get a good scoreline(anywhere from a draw to a victory) versus Venezuela, then they are through to the next round. However, if Uruguay loses and Bolivia wins, then Bolivia is probably going on to the next round(depending on the resutls in the other groups).

Onto the next Group that is Group B. Here are the current standings for Group B.

1. Mexico - 6 Points.(Was 1st place last stage).
2. Brazil - 3 Points.(Was 4th place last stage).
3. Chile - 3 Points.(Was 2nd place last stage).
4. Ecuador - 0 Points.(Was 3rd place last stage).

Mexico pulled out another victory, this time versus Ecuador 2-1 and Brazil(shall I say Robinho) finally decided to show up as they thrashed Chile with 3 goals from Robinho.

And finally the last Group, that is Group C.

1. Paraguay - 6 Points.(Was in 1st place last stage).
2. Argentina - 6 Points.(Was in 2nd place last stage).
3. USA - 0 Points.(was in 3rd place last stage).
4. Colombia - 0 Points.(Was in 4th place last stage).

As we can see, nothing changed in this group. Paraguay defeated USA 3-1 as Argentina defeated Colombia 4-2. Argentina lost Crespo as he got injured while taking a penalty kick(he kicked it with full power), which means that Diego Milito will probably replace Crespo. Tevez was subbed in for Messi once again and Lucho came on for Veron. No Aimar this time.

That's all for the second round of group matches. Thursday is the last day of group stages and we will find out who will face who in the Quarter Finals and who will be sent home. That's all for now folks.

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