Monday, July 23, 2007

Copa Amreica, U20 World Cup

Well its been a week and I'm still mourning. I cannot believe Argentina lost, let alone 3-0. Granted, it should of been 3-2. Brazil played like a European team and Dunga dosn't seem to care about the beautiful game anymore. He just wanted to win so that he can save his ass because there were rumors going around that if he would of lost he would of been fired. Basically Brazil played the cheap way. Having 3 players at all times on Riquelme, fouling from mid-field so Argentina dosn't get a good chances. And if you watch their goals they all came from counter-attacks. It's ridiculous. Brazil hasn't played the beautiful game since maybe the 94 World Cup which is quiet sad, seeing as how they made it to the finals of France 98 and won it in 2002 and won the Confederations Cup is 2005.
As usual, Argentina gets heartbreaks while playing the beautiful game. 2006 World Cup we played the nicest football and scored the top 3 goals of the tournament(Cambiasso 24 man pass versus Serbia and Montenegro, Tevez versus Serbia and Montenegro and the goal of the tournament Maxi Rodriguez versus Mexico). And what do we get? A biased ref in the Quarter Finals versus the HOST country where we would go on to lose on penalty kicks. And now the same shit happens again. We play the nicest football of Copa America and lose in the finals to a cheap Brazilian team whos lost their touch to the Beautiful Game. That's all I have to say about Copa.

And now time for the sunshine in Argentina! The Albicelestes didn't go 0-2 when it came to tournaments this summer. Argentina beat the Czech Republic 2-1 in the U20 World Cup Final yesterday! This is Argentina's 6th World Cup title and they have now won the most World Cup titles in ANY division(Brazil has 5 in the senior team where as we have 6 in the U20 team). Our backline was solid, Romero gave us something to fall back on(he made some great saves in the tournament), Moralez and up front with Aguero... Beautiful team. Crazy part is Messi could of played in this tournament. Imagine, one of the best, if not literally THE BEST player in the entire world playing in an U20 tournament. He already won it in 2005, but was instead picked for the Copa America.

Well, international football is done for the summer(if not year). The transfer deadline for Club football is approaching soon and Tevez is close to signing with EPL champions United. We already know Henry is gone to Barca, Gabriel Milito to Barca, Ayala to Zaragoza and so on. But thats for another time. Until then, VAMOS VAMOS ARGENTINA!

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