Thursday, July 12, 2007

Copa America Finals!

The dream final... The 2004 Final... Argentina vs. Brazil in the Copa America Venezuela 2007 final. Let's take an in depth look at how these 2 teams for to the final, starting with the Quarter Final.

Brazil vs. Chile
Quarter Final
It wasn't even close of being a fair match. It was the second time these 2 teams faced off in this Copa America(first time was in the Group Stages, how the hell do they face again I have no idea). First time off was a closer game. Brazil thrashed Chile 6-1 to book their spot in the Semi-Finals.

Brazil vs. Uruguay
Semi Final
What a game. Brazil opened up the scoring in the 13th minute and 1 minute later one of the lights go out and the game is delayed for 13 minutes. In the end it's 2-2 and we're off to the dreaded Penalty Kicks. Fast forward to the last 3 shots. Uruguay with a chance to win it and a miss. Brazil to take the lead and they score! If Uruguay misses this one its over! Uruguay shoots and its saved by the goalkeeper... Controversy time! The goalkeeper was about 5 yards off his line. And the OFFICIAL FIFA Rules are that when taking a Penalty Kick the goalkeeper MUST stay on his line and cannot advance. He can jump before or after the shot is taken, but must stay on his line. In the end Brazil goes to the Final in controversy.

Now that we got those yucky yellow shirts out of the way, lets get down to the beautiful Albicelestes.

Argentina vs. Peru
Quarter Final
All Argentina. Pure domination. Excellent opening goal by Juan Roman Riquelme. Second goal for Argentina was one of the goals of the tournament, not because of the actual goal, but for the pass leading up to it. Magnificent, scientific, heavenly pass by Juan Roman Riquelme which cuts through 3-4 Peru players and little Messi scores his first of the tournament and it's 2-0! Several minutes later, Tevez with the ball, nice pass to Messi, but Messi's shot is saved... No problem, Mascherano is there for the re-bound and scores! 3-0 but we're not done there! Off a Peru free kick, Abondanzieri(goalkeeper) punches the ball out of his box, keeps running for it and kicks it to wards Carlos Tevez who is in midfield. Tevez outruns one player, dekes another and passes it to Riquelme(with Messi beside him) and Riquelme scores his second of the game to make it 4-0 Argentina!

Argentina vs. Mexico
Semi Final
Repeat of the 2004 Copa America in the group stage where Mexico won 1-0, 2005 Confederations Cup Semi Final where Argentina won on penalty kicks and the Round of 16 of the 2006 World Cup where Argentina eliminated Mexico 2-1 with a fantastic goal by Maxi Rodrigues! Now, onto the match. Very close first half with some back and forth action. 45th minute, Argentina free kick. Riquelme takes it from about 45 yards out, towards the defender Gabriel Heinze and Heinze does a KARATE KICK! and kicks the ball into the net and it's 1-0! Second half, Tevez with the ball flicks it back to Messi and Messi with the goal of the tournament so far, raises it over Sanchez and in! 2-0 for Argentina! A few minutes later Tevez in the box gets taken down by Marquez. Penalty kick for Argentina! Riquelme steps in for Argentina to take it. Sanchez jumps to his right and Riquelme with a beautiful flick raises it and into the net and it's 3-0 Argentina!

And now for the Final on Sunday. It was 2004, Copa America finals. Argentina vs. Brazil. 1-1 in the 90th minute(injury time) Argentina scores! It's 2-1 Argentina! 93rd and last minute of injury time, Brazil ties it up! It's 2-2 and we're headed to penalty kicks. Brazil ends up winning on penalty kicks, because as well all know it's a sin for Brazil to lose on penalty kicks. And that sets up the Final on Sunday!

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