Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Rooney out, Tevez in, Heinze and Beckham

Well, the first week of the EPL is over. Liverpool pulled one out of a rabbit in the dying seconds, Chelsea won and United drew. And it gets worse for United. Aside from being 2 points behind Chelsea and Liverpool, they've now lost Rooney for 8 weeks. Thats 2 months of no Rooney which is a blow for United... But, it's not that bad. Or atleast shouldn't be. Carlos Tevez, Manchester United's new signing will make his Manchester United debut. Sir Alex wanted to wait until the derby versus Manchester City to play him, but we can't wait that long. Now the question is, how will Tevez do? Will it take him several matches until he starts scoring like when he was with West Ham or not? Fact is, if United draw or lose this match, its a very bad start for the current champs. Saha is still injured and so is O.G.S. They might get a few goals from Giggs and Ronaldo will be called upon to create some plays, but the man to watch will be Tevez. Will he play the full 90 minutes? Will he get subbed off? Who knows, all we know is that United spent just over 2 months trying to get Tevez and now they have him. Another thing is Sir Alex stated that Tevez will play Rooney's position, which means no change of tactics. Tevez makes his United debut tomorrow, so we'll just have to wait and see for ourselves if he was worth the trouble or not.

Another question for United fans is Gabriel Heinze. He's going to court later this month where they'll either tell him to pack his bags and go to Liverpool or stay at United. As a United fan, I want Heinze to stay. As an Argentine fan I want Heinze to stay. But it's not up to me, heck its not even up to Heinze! Personally, I want him to stay at United because most of the fans seem to love him and he played very well for them last season. He's not the type of defender that will take the ball and run with it trying to create opportunities. And it shouldn't be either. He's a defender and tough one aswell. He likes to play physical and I think he fits in very well with United.

Ah, David Beckham. Well, he's signed the contract, he's collecting the money and he's giving a big "F You" to everyone. After what seems to be years and years of hype, will be displayed tomorrow. Beckham has missed every LA game this season(including pre-season) except for one where he played for 16 whole minutes! Yup, thats right, 16 minutes! Earlier today Beckham attented his first LA practice and stated that his ankle is 78% healed(the idiot couldn't just say 80%) and that he rpedicts he can play 45 minutes on Thursday. 45 freaking minutes. Beckham is the smartest man alive. Marry what was once something hot, thank God that girls find you attractive and sign a 250 million dollar contract with a company who runs a sport which has no future in that country. Then sit on your ass and collect the paychecks. Genius! Its genius I tell you. Now the guy will make his long awaited debut only to play 45 minutes. Can't get any smarter than that. I can't wait to see what all those fanboys have to say when Beckham dosn't start racking in those goals. And who can forget his England matches! Because the MLS is also FIFA ran, any England soccer match that is under FIFA's consent, Beckham becomes eligible to play. That means if England is playing in October, November, December(which I think they are due to Euro qualifiers), than Beckham will have to go play if called up. What does that mean? That means he's going to have to take a 10 hour flight from North America to Europe to go play. And AFTER the match, take another 10 hour flight back to North America and rest for a few days to a week and than go back to play in the MLS. All the while trying not to get injured. I swear to you, Beckham is probably the smartest player alive. Until then, VAMOS VAMOS ARGENTINA!

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