Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Interesting beginning for the champs...

As I'm typing this, Manchester United is currently standing in 12 place of the EPL. Surprisingly enough Chelsea is third, Manchester City second and Everton first. Of course chances are that will all change from week to week. However I would like to touch on one thing and that is Manchester United's current situation. What is their current situation? Well for one Saha is still injured, O.G.S is still injured, Rooney is injured, Ronaldo just picked up a red card and will miss the next 3 games and Giggs up front isn't going too well. Tevez will really need to explode alot sooner than expected and hopefully it'll come in his second match with Manchester United. Yup, that's right... In the derby match versus Manchester City. It usually takes a player a game or 2 or even 3 to really start gelling with the team but it's going to have to happen soon for Tevez. If United keep dropping points like these, they'll soon be out of the title race. A quick little note though, the last time United drew their first 2 games... Yup thats right... The treble! For those who don't know what the treble is it's winning your own league, your domestic cup and the UEFA Champions League all in the same season. So we'll just have to wait and see.

Onto the Champions League side now. Liverpool beat Toulouse 1-0, Celtic drew with Spartak Moscow 1-1, Weder Bremen beat Dinamo Zagreb 2-1, Ajax dropped one at home where they lose 1-0 to Slavia Prague, Sevilla beat AEK 2-0 and Arsenal beat Sparta 2-0. I think all the "big" teams did what they were expected to do and that is win. Aside from Ajax who lost which could end up costing their dreams of playing in the Champions League this season. Liverpool can still end up out of the Champions League if they play pretty badly and lose 2-0, but chances are that won't happen. It's still early to talk, but with the way Barcelona has been playing in the pre-season they could very well end up winning it. Of course pre-season means nothing, but its still interesting. As usual there are the top contenders. Barcelona, Manchester United, Chelsea, Inter, AC Milan, Liverpool and Real Madrid. Milan won it last season with a 2-1 victory over Liverpool, can they repeat? We'll just have to wait and see. Don't forget the derby match on Sunday where United need the crucial 3 points to atleast get back in the race! Also on Sunday Chelsea takes on Liverpool in what is always an interesting and important match. Until next time, VAMOS VAMOS ARGENTINA!

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