Sunday, September 16, 2007

Champions League Preview - Tuesday

The biggest European futbol tournament is upon us. Yes folks, the UEFA Champions League starts this Tuesday with matches on Wednesday aswell. I'll preview the "big" matches for Tuesday and Wednesday. Up first *drumroll*...

Liverpool vs. FC Porto
The way I see it Liverpool will make Porto its bitch. This group is Liverpools for the taking, hands down. They say the first match is the most important match of any tournament because you don't wan tto fall behind. Well Liverpool will have to try and grab 3 points or atleast 1 point while playing away because there is no way they are going to lose at home. Maybe an upset with Porto winning 1-0 or Liverpool taking it 1-1? I have no idea what to pick, but if there's one team that can take points away from Liverpool in this group, its this team. So 1-1 draw with Porto scoring late in the game.
Prediction: 1-1 draw

Chelsea vs. Rosenborg
All this is going to be is training for Chelsea. Chelsea starts off their Champions League hopes at home and it can't get much easier in my opinion. They've been having a hard time trying to score in the EPL and Didier Drogba is doubtful for Tuesdays match so theres another problem for them. But even with their scoring problems, I think they can take this one atleast 2-0. 3-0 wouldn't be much of a surprise either.
Prediction: 2-0 Chelsea

Real Madrid vs. Bremen
In my opinion, this is the match to watch on Tuesday. Madrid has been on fire in La Liga and show no signs of slowing down. Like Chelsea and Porto they start at home and like Porto, they have a tough opponent to deal with. Bremen is no where near being a walk in the park but Madrid is playing at home. Bremen I don't think you can ever count out, but I'm gonna have to lean towards a Madrid victory. 2-1 Madrid with Sneijder scoring the winner off a free kick.
Prediction: 2-1 Real Madrid

AC Milan vs. Benfica
The current Champions League winners taking on the other Portuguese team playing on Tuesday. There's no doubt in anyones mind that Milan will easily take this group. Milan coming off a 1-1 tie on Saturday(granted they played their B team). I feel bad for Benfica, I really do. 3-1 Milan.
Prediction: 3-1 AC Milan

And that covers Tuesdays matches, I'll be covering Wednesdays matches in the next entry. Until next time, Vamos Vamos Argentina!

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