Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Champions League Groups Predictions...

Yup, the draw was held on Friday and here are the results...

Group A:
FC Porto

Group B:

Group C:
Real Madrid

Group D:

Group E:

Group F:
Manchester United
Sporting Lisbon
Dynamo Kyiv

Group G:
CSKA Moskva

Group H:
FC Steaua

As usual there are the tough groups and the easier groups. So here are my predictions...

Group A:
Liverpool will easily top this group hands down. I'll be surprised if they don't. Porto will come in second with Marseille in third and Besiktas not even getting a victory.

Group B:
I'll have to say Chelsea and Valencia will take this group. Who'll top it? I'll take a guess and say Chelsea but it can be Valencia. I'm not counting Schalke out either, it's a possibility that they come in second instead of Valencia, but I can't see it happening. And Rosenborg in fourth.

Group C:
Madrid looks to be in top, top form which is why I'm picking them to top C. Bremen for second, Lazio third and Olympiacos(like Besiktas) in Group A, will be lucky if they get a victory.

Group D:
Ah, the current champions, AC Milan. Like there's even any doubt as to who will top this group. Question is who'll take second? Benfica and Celtic aren't exactly a walk in the park. My mind tells me Benfica, but my gut says Celtic. So Celtic it is. Oh and Shakhtar to finish last.

Group E:
A mouth-watering group to say the least. Barcelona, Lyon, Stuttgart and Rangers. Former La Liga and UEFA Champions League winners in 2005-2006, current LFP champions in Lyon, Bundesliga champions Stuttgart and Rangers. This for me is the group to watch. Not only because I'm a Barca fan, but because Bercelona vs. Rangers will just be amazing. Barcelona to top, Rangers in second.

Group F:
Well, it's going to be a homecoming for Ronaldo and Nani when they play Sporting away. Roma will seek revenge after that humiliating 7-1 loss to United in the Quarter Finals last year of the UEFA Champions League. Dynamo in my opinion is there to give United, Roma and Sporting 6 points each. I can see Roma taking this group with United in second. It depends how will United play.

Group G:
A fairly easy group in my opinion. Since we all know who will top this one(Inter), the fun part is guessing who'll come in second. And I'm gonna have to take PSV for a million Bob. Fener for third and CSKA for last.

Group H:
Quiet possibly the easiest group of the tournament. Arsenal, Sevilla, Steaua and Slavia. Arsenal are playing well in the EPL and Sevilla isn't doing too bad either(but we just finished week 2 in Spain). Arsenal to top and Sevilla to grab second.

Well, those are my predictions for the Champions League group stage. Of course there's always surprises, but I'm pretty confident that the teams I picked to advance, WILL advance. But you never know. Until then, Vamos Vamos Argentina!

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