Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Argentina, England, more!

The Euro 2008 Qualification Round is over... And England is NOT going to Euro 2008! It's great to say, hear and type. After playing as bas they possibly can, having an idiot for a coach and overrated players, England still managed to get eliminated from the easiest Euro Qualification group. Fascinating... Ah it's great. Now I can watch(assuming I watch) Euro 2008 without having to watch, listen and red the biased English comments on TV and the internet. Because at the end of the day, England are simply not good enough to go to Euro 2008. If I'm not mistaken this marks the first time that England has not made it to a major International competition since the World Cup in 1994.

Question is, who is to blame? Is it the ex-manager Steve McClaren? Is it the English media? Is it the overrated "World Class" players? All of the above for 1000 Alex. People were complaining that Sven was bad, yet he managed to lead England to 2 consecutive Quarter Final appearances in the World Cup(2002 and 2006), yet McClaren can't even get England to qualify for Euro 2008, let alone win it or make it to the Quarter Finals. Granted the English media doesn't help either, but many countries are like that. Look at Brazil where the media complains that their team is not GOOD. Look at Argentina where half the fans that support the Argentine National Team HATES Riquelme. So England isn't alone in that category. It also must be the "World Class" players. I say "World Class" because they aren't. Gerrard is not even close at being World Class. Heck, look at it this way. Riquelme is better than Gerrard. Heck, Riquelme and Aimar are better than England's midfield. Zanetti, at the freaking age of 34 is better than anyone on the English back line. And it all boils down to the Wonder Kids. Argentina's(and arguably Greatest Player in the World) Lionel Messi and Englands Wayne Rooney. One who is being praised all over the World for his amazing talent, who plays his heart out for his country and club team while the other one is praised all over England(note, I say England and not World like Messi) for his "great" work for United and England. Let's put it this way... No one on the England squad could make it into the World XI team, where Argentina has 2 and even 3 players(Messi, Riquelme, Zanetti) that can make it to the World XI squad.

Champions League only has one day left in Group Stage qualification and pretty much all the power houses(aside from Liverpool) are through. Barcelona, Inter, Milan, United, Chelsea and Arsenal are through. As for Liverpool whoever wins between them and Marseille in the next match goes through to the next round. Since I don't feel like typing the groups and all that I'll just post a link where you can find the latest group standings and everything concerning the 2007-2008 UEFA Champions League.

Back to International, Euro 2008 Groups will be drawn this Sunday(December 2) at Noon Eastern Time if I'm not mistaken. We could have a group consisting of Holland, Italy, Germany, France. Now THAT would be an interesting group. Easily the group of death in the history of the Euro tournament. For more information on Euro 2008,
Once the groups are drawn, only then will I be able to pick out a prediction for a winner. BUT, for hell of it, I will pick Germany to win it, but that depends on the groups. But atleast until Sunday, my pick is Germany. That's it for this time, much, much, much more coming once the groups are drawn(that includes an in depth analysis of the Argentina National Team). So until next time, Vamos Vamos Argentina!

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