Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Riquelme with 2, Milito and Messi!

Alright, so the name dosn't make much sence, but meh. Argentina started off its World Cup Qualifier on its feet. On Saturday they took on Chile in Buenos Aires and lets just say that if missing 3 months does that to Riquelme, lets hope he misses a year! Kidding! Riquelme hasn't played a single minute of futbol in over 3 months and what happens? He scores 2 goals for his National Team. How is Riquelme not playing for Villa? Better yet, what will it take for Riquelme to play in Villa? He was possibly the best player on the field, scored 2 goals and created chances for Messi and others aswell. Argentina's best match since the Copa America(granted we've only played 2 matches since). Its good to see Riquelme back in that beautiful jersey, now its time for Basile to call up Crespo and we'll be ready to go.

So 3 points in the bag for that match and three days later Argentina is in Venezuela... Maracaibo to be exact. Yup, 3 months after Argentina loses to Brazil in the exact same stadium we're back there for a Qualifier. The match started with Venezuela trying to slow down the game and Argentina did that aswell. So lets just say it wasn't exactly the fastest match in the World. 14 minutes into the match its an Argentine free kick! Who else but Juan Roman Riquelme to take it! Riquelme with the free kick and Gabriel Milito with the header to make it 1-0 Argentina! Milito was unmarked and had all the time to head it in and he did not mess it up. Speaking of mess(i) Lionel Messi scored his first of the Qualifier with in my opinion the goal of the tournament. From Ibarra to Tevez to Messi and a strike from outside the box makes it 2-0 Argentina for the final score.

Overall 2 very good performances by Argentina. These Qualifiers will not be easy by any means. We still have Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil and Colombia to face. We still have 2 years until the end of the Qualifiers so plenty of time for Basile to think out his tactics(especially versus Brazil). It'll be interesting to see his line-up for Novembers match. Until next time, VAMOS VAMOS ARGENTINA!

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